Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for order?

You can pay for you order by:

  1. Cash (only when you pick up it from our office)
  2. Bank transfer from any Georgian bank (TBC, BOG, Liberty, Credo, Cartu)
  3. Paypal (choose it at the checkout and we will contact you later regarding payment)

What are the delivery options?

  • Free Courier Delivery in Tbilisi on orders over 200 GEL
  • Free Postal Delivery in Georgia on orders over 400 GEL
  • Local Free Pickup in Tbilisi, Kamani I Dead End, 0186 (near Delisi metro station). "Lazy Snark Adventure Food" on the Google maps.
  • Minimum sum of order is 10 GEL


Preparation of your order can take up to 2-5 days, depending on our workload and the volume of your order. So make your order in advance or contact us in Instagram or via email.

Where to buy Lazy Snark products?

The best way to buy our products is on our website, because here we have more products and vegetarian options.

Also you can buy our products in almost all outdoor shops in Tbilisi (Mplus, Outdoors, Sportmaster, Rent4Travel), Batumi (Oge, Adjarapeak, Take & Hike), and Mestia (Erti Kava cafe)

How to find Lazy Snark office to pick up an order?

If you need to pick up your order, here's our location:

Kamani I Dead End, Tbilisi 0186 (it's near Delisi metro station)

Get directions:

Do you make freeze-dried or dehydrated food?

We make only dehydrated food for now.

What is dehydrated food?

Dehydrating is one of the oldest methods of food preservation and has been used effectively since the dawn of civilization.

In drying or dehydration, water is removed from the food by hot air or heated surface driers.

In addition to preserving the food, dehydration reduces the weight and bulk of the food.

What's important is that dried foods contain a similar set of nutrients as fresh foods. At the same time, dehydration could lead to some slight changes in the nutritional value of your foods. This may reduce the amount of certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Why is dehydrated food good for hiking & camping?

✔️ It's Lightweight and Packable. The heaviest meal weighing just 130 g, while on average it's ~100 g. So you can take around 1-2kg of our food for 5-day hike and you will never be hungry in this adventure!

Moreover, it takes so few space in backpack, so it will be very easy to pack for a long hike.

✔️ You can eat it right from the package. No need to use separate bowl and clean the dishes.

✔️ Easy & fast to cook: Just add 200-500 ml of boiled water and wait 10-15 min.

It allows to save the water or don't carry to much water on yourself. Also you will save a lot of time and energy on cooking the food, which is very important in multi-day hikes.

✔️ Our food is loaded with the protein your body needs to sustain & recover from a long hike.

✔️ 100% natural ingredients. 

We use only local and fresh products and never use any preservatives.

What is the shelf life of dehydrated food?

Officially, shelf life of our dehydrated food is 6 month if you store it in a day place at a temperature 15 °C (±5°C), away from sunlight.

Based on our experience, the food is good within a year after production and packaging

Beyond one year in storage, a gradual decline in the food’s quality may be noticed.

Can I order your food if I'm not in Georgia?

We don't offer international delivery right now, but if you plan to come to Georgia for hiking & camping, you can order our food and pick it up when you come here.

You will be able to pay by cash when you pick it up or with Paypal. You can choose any of these payment methods at the Checkout.

You pick up your order in Tbilisi, but if you fly to another city (Kutaisi, Batumi or any other place), we can deliver it there. In that case contact us via Instagram or email to discuss all the details.

Can I eat straight from the package?

Yes, exactly.

That's one of the advantages of our food. You can (and should) add boiled water straight into the package, wait 10-15 minutes and then you can eat our main dishes from the package.

Thanks to this you will not need to carry dishes with you. It's very comfortable and significantly decreased the weight of your backpack.

Are you products certified?

Yes, all our main dishes passed through the Georgian National Food Agency tests, and we have official confirmations that they are of high-quality and safe to eat!

If you need these documents, we can send it to you via email.