Price for main dishes for B2B

Here you can see the prices for our main dishes. Our main dishes are certified by National Food Agency in Georgia. 

These are the prices for standard portions of main dishes with meat. 

Name of the main dish
(standard portion)
Price for B2B (GEL)
Ukrainian Borscht 11.9 
Tomato Soup 11.9 
Buckwheat 11.9
Rizotto 11.9
Creamy Potato 11.9
Lobio 11.9
Bulgur with corn 11.9
Pasta Bolognese 11.9
Jerky Beef 11
Jerky Chicken 8.4
Drip coffee 5


Also we have MAX (+50%) and Vegetarian options for main dishes, but they are not certified by National Food Agency yet. Also we don't have certifications for Granola and Energy bars. We are in the process of getting these certificates.


Certification by National Food Agency:

You can find scanned version of the certificates here in the Google Drive for each main dish. In some cases they need to make a few tests, so you can see a few files per each main dish


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