What is Dried Food and How we produce it

Increasingly, freeze-dried foods are becoming an indispensable source of nutrition not only among extreme athletes, but also among ordinary people. And in some countries where sublimates are very popular, they can even be purchased in regular stores. Despite this, many still do not know what freeze-dried food is, what its features and advantages are.

What is freeze-dried food

Freeze-dried food is a way of eating for those who are constantly on the go, but there is no time and suitable conditions for preparing a full lunch or dinner. Freeze-dried foods are not just instant food. Thanks to technology, such food retains its taste, beneficial properties and calories, which are so necessary during physical activity.

Previously, it was believed that instant food products were designed for the poor buyer, since the essence of the technology for manufacturing such products is based on cheap thermal drying of products.

However, sublimation is a completely different method, during which a substance changes from a solid to a gas, bypassing the liquid stage. Thus, freeze-dried food is produced using a technology that includes two stages: freezing and vacuum drying.

How sublimates are made:

  1. Fresh or cooked food is flash frozen and placed in a vacuum chamber.
  2. Up to 98% of liquid is removed from the product by evaporating ice.
  3. Freeze-dried food is placed in vacuum or multi-layer active packaging and stored in such a way that moisture and oxygen do not get inside. The freshness of the product is maintained until the packaging is opened.
  4. When such a product regains moisture, it regains its appearance, taste, aroma and structure.

Sublimates for hiking have their advantages:

Benefits of this food.

The fact is that the longer the process of heat treatment of a product at high temperatures takes place, the more beneficial properties it loses. During sublimation, products cannot be cooked, which makes them healthier than products that have been preserved by heat drying. Research shows that products that have not been cooked retain up to 95% of their beneficial properties, as well as taste and aroma. At the same time, after cooking, freeze-dried products return almost 100% to their natural appearance, aroma, taste and texture. To do this, just fill the food with water.

Low weight and volume.

During the sublimation process, almost all liquid is removed from the product, as a result of which the volume can be reduced by up to 90%, and the weight by 5-10 times, depending on the type of product. Freeze-dried food is stored in vacuum or multilayer packaging with an oxygen absorber in the form of pieces or powder. Thus, 1 kg of boiled meat loses 70% of its weight after sublimation, 1 kg of vegetables loses up to 90%. Agree, on a hike, especially if it is long, the weight of the food is of great importance.

A large assortment.

Thanks to modern technologies, the variety of freeze-dried food is quite rich and is constantly increasing. For meat lovers there are dishes with pork and beef, for vegetarians there is a large selection of meat-free dishes, as well as a variety of snacks, first courses and drinks.

Shelf life.

Sublimates, which you can buy in our store, have a fairly long shelf life - 2 years. At the same time, the product remains fresh and does not lose its beneficial properties.

Sublimates for hiking

In many countries, freeze-dried food can be found on the shelves of regular supermarkets along with regular products. In our country, such products can currently only be purchased in specialized stores, for example, in ours. We offer freeze-dried, dried and combined food for tourists for every taste. You can purchase our products anywhere in Ukraine - we will deliver your order to the specified address using transport companies. Sublimates, which you can buy in our online store, are popular not only among tourists and travelers, but also among ordinary people who do not spend so much time hiking.

Benefits of freeze-dried food while hiking

Food for a long hike should have some features:

  • a light weight,
  • high calorie content,
  • fast saturation,
  • small size.

Fans of regular expeditions, trekking and climbing know how important such food features are during long hikes. In addition, in camping conditions there are limitations in many resources, which is why sublimates have become so popular among tourists - their preparation does not require a lot of time, money and effort, which are so necessary in camping conditions. To prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner, just shake the package, open it, pour boiling water, stir and leave to steep for 10 minutes.

In addition, thanks to multilayer active packaging, food is stored for a long time, and after cooking it has a fresh appearance and rich taste. Many tourists and athletes have already appreciated the benefits of freeze-dried food during a hike, and so has yours.

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